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UK Parliament Week
This week our fantastic politics students have been taking part in the UK Parliament week.
The week is led by the Parliamentary Education service to explain the role and functions of Parliament. There are three main functions of Parliament:
Representative – where our MPs represent the electorates views or concerns
Legislative – Parliament passes and scrutinises all legislation as it goes through a process to become a law
Scrutiny – Parliament holds the Government and ministers to account for their decisions and policies
Today the Year 12 class became very competitive as they took part in a very challenging Parliament Quiz – here are some of their comments following a tricky 4 round quiz:
“In this lesson, we participated in four rounds of a challenging quiz for UK Parliament Week. After getting into pairs, we answered questions on a range of topics, such as how Parliament is run; many of which we wouldn’t learn in our A Level lessons. In particular, we both enjoyed learning the history behind Parliament and the Monarchy. As a class, our knowledge was definitely tested, but we had lots of fun anyway!”
 “Both of us found the quiz very educational and entertaining as it informed us on the history of Parliament.”
“Playing the Parliament Quiz was really fun and we got to learn a lot”
 “We had an absolute blast in the lesson and being the winners, it was a great success!”

Try to answer all of these questions to test and develop your knowledge. Email your answers to Mr Monks – correct entries will receive reward points!!

  1. What are the three parts of UK Parliament?
  2. What is the name of the seat that the Lord Speaker sits on in the House of Lords Chamber?
  3. What is the official name for the changes that an MP or member of the Lords can request to a new law (bill)?
  4. How many countries are represented in UK Parliament?
  5. How many constituencies are there in the UK?
  6. At what age can you register to vote in England, Scotland and Wales?
  7. In what year was the first e-petition first received by Parliament?
  8. The devolution of some parliamentary powers began with referendums in Scotland and Wales, but in what year?
  9. In what year was a Parliamentary debate televised for the first time?
  10. In what year did some women first get the vote?

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