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PE Health and Health Faculty News

PE Health and Health Faculty News

Ashley Cartledge
Ashley Cartledge
PE Health and Health Faculty News

Despite the adverse weather it has been great to see so many students involved in extra-curricular sport this half term. Clubs have been taking place every evening in athletics, cricket, rounders, and tennis as well as 6th form basketball and cricket practices. Plans are in place for the resumption of some competitive inter school sport after half term which will be a great return to normality. A reminder that all students who attend an after school sports club receive an R2 and all clubs are inclusive. Full details of clubs can be found on the school website in the calendar section.

Student health and fitness

This term Ks3 students have been tracking their exercise using the mimoveapp which has given us a fantastic insight into how active and healthy the students are at BMS. In addition the app allows students to give us an indication of how they feel about the sport programme we offer at BMS which has been very insightful. All students use the app to record every PE lesson and also any other exercise they are doing both in and out of school. Special mention must go to Casian Tegzes in Year 8 who has recorded 5 days, 15 hours and 45 minutes of physical activity over the last 6 weeks – an incredible achievement.

Our top 10 active students are :

Position Year group Name Amount
1 8 C Tegzes 5 days, 15 hours, 45 mins
2 8 J Harris 4 days, 21 hours 45 mins
3 7 G Holdback 4 days, 12 hours 30 mins
4 7 J Allan 3 days, 18 hours
5 9 E Dene 3 days, 17 hours 30 mins
6 8 T Sookhoo 3 days, 16 hours
7 8 J Verrey 3 days, 15 hours 30 mins
8 8 S Hindocha 3 days, 14 hours
9 7 S Dorran 3 days, 12 hours 45 mins
10 8 J Kijewski 3 days, 9 hours 30 mins

Sports Leadership

This week the Year 11 Sports Leadership group received their Level 1 certificates after successfully completing the course. They have been an excellent group who have made a valuable contribution both in curricular lessons and extra-curricular activities. Well done all !

We also wish farewell to all our Year 11 students who this week completed their last PE lessons. They have been an absolutely fantastic year for PE showing a great attitude towards the subject area – the PE Faculty will really miss them.

Year 10 Sports Leader training

The new Year 10 Sports Leadership group have continued their training for the level 1 qualification and this week completed a session on developing communication skills. The group are now planning their first sessions where they will be leading other groups and are also looking forward to supporting at the hartsbourne School Sports Day.

Cricket selection

Congratulations to Pasan Kulasinghe in Year 12 and Tyler Pearce in Year 11 who have both been selected for the Watford Schools XI to play the MCC on June 25th. The boys recently attended a trial and were selected to play in the match. We look forward to hearing how they get on next month.


For any parental enquiries about any aspects of PE contact the Head of PE and Health Faculty Ashley Cartledge [email protected] . For any specific issues related to Girls PE and girls fixtures contact Sarah Cooper [email protected].

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