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Open Evening Referendum

During Open Evening last week the Politics Department gave Year 6 students and their carers the opportunity to participate in direct democracy, by taking part in a mini BMS referendum. Direct democracy is when the electorate are asked to vote on their view of a decision – Yes or No.

This is very different to the way most political decisions are made in the UK, as we elect representatives (our local MPs) to vote and decide matters on our behalf in Parliament. Our last UK national referendum was the 2016 Brexit referendum. On Open Evening, students and parents were asked to vote on the proposal to have a 4 day school week with extra homework or keep the 5 days a week school routine the same.

Interesting discussions were had, with parents quite concerned at what would happen to children left at home one day a week, while some students were concerned at not seeing their friends and the amount of extra homework they would have without access to teacher support. The result was a decision to keep the five day week! Thank you all for voting and taking part in the political discussion.

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