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Boosting Our Word Power at Bushey Meads!

Danielle Bowe
Boosting Our Word Power at Bushey Meads!

Bushey Meads English Faculty

We are committed to providing a high quality and engaging English curriculum that equips students for the future as confident communicators, assured writers and keen readers

Here at Bushey Meads we recognise the power of words and the value of actively increasing the range of vocabulary we understand and use. To that end, we use Bedrock Vocabulary interactive resources to embed this important part of our literacy learning in English lessons. All year 7 and 8 students have one Bedrock Vocabulary lesson a week with an additional lesson set as part of their weekly homework. Students experience a wide range of non fiction reading material through the online lessons which benefits the work of all subjects across the school.

This term we will also be holding a parent information meeting where you can learn more about how to support this agenda at home. (Information to follow). In the meantime, we would like to celebrate our top students across all classes in year 7 and 8. They completed the most amount of lessons during November/December

Year 7

Abdullah Al-shyiab

Nathael Bujoli-Charriere

Sebastian Chadwick

Daniel Fairhead

Cameron Hambleton

Hayden Harris-Scott

Hayden Harrop

Yashvi Hingu

Hadi Hussain

Jessica Levitan

Fatima Kazmi

Gracie Michaelson

Eesa Murtaza

Year 8

Rosey Ball

Tom Harverson

Nathania Jayaratnam

Katherine Lester

Preesha Mistry

Yashwanth Nagathevan

Om Panchal

Sanjeevan Thayaparan

Before all lesson units, students complete an online pre-test. Their progress is assessed through a post-test after they’ve completed the learning for that unit. We are delighted with the progress made already across the year groups, but would like to celebrate the following students in year 7 and 8 who have made top progress in their classes over November and December- well done!

Aagesh Arivalagan

Lennon Brown

Natasha Donald

Cameron Hambleton

Tom Harverson

Hadi Hussain

Hashim Khan

Katie Law

Anaiya-Lily Palan

Freddie-Ray Hale

Aman Rahman

Chloe Shiers

Kaden Trickett

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