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Europa Centre Spanish visit Wednesday 27th March

Hilarie Charles
Europa Centre Spanish visit Wednesday 27th...

When we went to the Europa Centre, I found it very useful for my Spanish speaking skills and they really challenged our ability to speak in Spanish for a whole morning! I really enjoyed it because they introduced us to all sorts of different vocabulary and grammar and we did many fun role-plays, where they would ask us questions in Spanish and we had to answer in Spanish!

This helped me to develop my confidence when speaking Spanish and communicating with others in another language. The best thing was that when we wanted to buy food in the real café, (not the pretend role-play one!), we had to place our order in Spanish, which I feel added to the experience.

Everything was very Spanish and I felt like we were in a real Spanish town!  Overall, I found it a very useful and challenging experience, which moved my Spanish forward, and I would say it is definitely worth going back again!

By Simran – Year 9

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