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Enrichment Day – Thursday 1st February

Bill Fisher
Enrichment Day – Thursday 1st February
Our third enrichment day of the year took place on the penultimate Thursday of the half term and, as usual, comprised a range of activities that will have created some great memories and focused, deep learning.
Year 7 students were split in two, with half of the year taking to the roads on route to a London art gallery where they studied paintings that will form the basis of their art work in the second part of the year. The other half of the year group were treated to a theatre workshop day, based around a great visit from prolific children’s author Sue Hampton. Students took part in Sue’s own workshop and also music, dance and drama sessions based on one of Sue’s books. On the next enrichment day the two halves of year 7 will swap, so no student will miss out on any of the activities
Year 8 studied the ‘Magic of Maths’, with a PE lesson to keep the body active.
Year 9 benefitted from an important day in the lead-up to their GCSE option choices next term. All students got to experience a range of subjects on offer at GCSE which they do not study at Key Stage Three or which differ greatly when studied at GCSE level. Subjects explored were: psychology, child care, IT and computer science and the difference between the two, PE GCSE and PE vocational and the difference between the two, business studies and economics. A busy day, but vital background for any students considering any of these subjects.
Year 10 took part in our annual enterprise day. This teaches students about business enterprise through group projects, with each group presenting to the whole year group at the end of the day.
Year 11 now know everything they need to know about electromagnetic waves for their important science GCSEs. This key area of the physics GCSE and the physics element of the trilogy GCSE was dealt with through the deep, concentrated learning that only a full day can provide. To vary the day, students were taught by different teachers for part of the day and also completed another required practical. Despite a tiring day of learning, twenty five students stayed behind for another hour of the weekly Thursday after-school science revision.
For years 12 and 13 the school was open for supervised study. Some students re-took their PPEs, following further revision to meet and exceed their target grades. Some students studied in generic, supervised areas while others made their way to the art, media and technology areas of the school to benefit from specialist equipment. Year 13 Law students took part in a law trip to a court, with Mrs Knowles, and chemistry and physics students had more opportunity to boost their grades with a day of deep learning and required practicals with their chemistry and physics teachers.
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