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Success at Study Saturdays

Jeremy Turner
Success at Study Saturdays

You could literally hear a pin drop at last week’s Study Saturday in the Learning Resource Centre at Bushey Meads School. The very quiet and focussed environment in all four learning spaces in this inspirational hub of our school was extremely conducive to support our hard working Year 11 and 13 students as they make all those really important next steps in preparation for their key exams taking place in a few weeks time.

Students who attended the four hour session spread themselves out in LRC 1 – 4. They accessed the high tech computers and conference style furniture (where many of them spread out all their revision resources and text books) and made use of the high speed printers to down load and produce those all important past papers; it is these that enable them to make progress with the ‘problem questions’ and move to the next level.

Mr Back our Learning Resource Centre Manager was on hand as always – encouraging everyone and helping as needed.

I was so impressed with every student – all of whom arrived with a clear plan of what to achieve in the four hours set aside.

Study Saturdays may not be for everybody and I know that many students use local libraries and also work effectively at home as well but, if you haven’t yet attended consider coming next week. You might just find it is the key to unlocking another door in the arena of high achievement and realising your true potential.

Molly explained to me that you can work at home but you are surrounded by people at home who aren’t revising and that makes it hard. By coming attending a Study Saturday you are actually surrounding yourself with other like minded people – all revising hard and that actually encourages you and spurs you on to greater things in your study. You keep going for longer!

Some students attended Study Saturdays for the first time, others came last week and were back again – knowing how important it is to make the most of every opportunity to study in a quiet supervised environment to really make those marginal gains that mean the difference between a GCSE level – whatever their ability.

Over 75 students attended last week and all of them came in with a distinct purpose in mind – whether it was to revise for Computer Science or Electronics, complete some PiXL Independence Booklets for Science or do a Maths paper, it all helped.

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