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Into Sixth Form Day

Matthew O'Kelly
Into Sixth Form Day

On Friday December 6th our current Year 11 students got to spend the day as a Sixth Former taking part in our ‘Into Sixth Form Day’. The day was spent experiencing the day to day of a Sixth Form student, making use of the excellent facilities at Bushey Meads Sixth Form as well as experiencing many of the subjects they will take next year.

With initial applications for Sixth Form closing on January 5th, the day plays an important role in confirming the selection of subjects for many of the students. I had the pleasure of walking around many of the sessions during the day an can confidently say I am looking forward to having such a caring and dedicated year group as part of our outstanding Sixth Form next year.

The day consisted of a morning assembly given by Mr O’Kelly Head of Sixth Form to welcome all students to the day. Each student was given an individualised timetable, giving them access to 5 possible subjects A level. We are pleased to say that our students all have the opportunity to vote for which subjects they would like to visit and all who voted were able to attend their chosen session. The Sixth Form lessons began Period 1 and ran throughout the day. In addition to the lessons the Year 11 students also go to make use of the Sixth Form Centre and in particular the Sixth Form Café who provided free tasters for all students at break. I can certainly say that the Café did a roaring trade both at break and lunch time as the Year 11 students very much enjoyed the chance to pre-order their lunches. It was so nice to see the Year 11 students dressed to impress on the day, coming into school in their business wear. Many of the teachers mentioned just how mature they all looked. I know the Sixth Form team are looking forward to interviewing all the applicants to the Sixth Form in the coming months, by completing the Into Sixth Form Day last week, they have certainly got a head start in the process.

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