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CDC Reading Project Launch

CDC Reading Project Launch

Danielle Bowe
Danielle Bowe
CDC Reading Project Launch
After the success of our CDC time reading project for years 7 and 9 in the summer term, all year 7,8 9 and 10 CDCs met this week for the launch of our newly expanded scheme. Each of the year groups will have their own text to read aloud every Friday during CDC time. (year 11 will be following another scheme to support their preparedness for GCSEs)
Research shows that a shared experience of reading a text has countless benefits including: 
  • students simply experiencing the joy of story telling and increasing their creativity
  • the modelling of fluent reading
  • the expansion of vocabulary knowledge and use
  • building of awareness and empathy
  • improvement of long-term reading commitment/skills
We have developed the project further by carefully choosing challenging fiction/non-fiction anthologies for our year 9 and 10 to provide:
-exposure to a wide variety of genres, voices, times, cultures, attitudes and issues,
-transitioning links with GCSE expectations

-development of vital critical reading skills

-engagement with real world values such as ‘identity’, ‘freedom’, ‘tolerance, rights & respect’, ‘justice’, ‘diversity & community’, ‘democracy’, ‘equality & responsibility’, ‘change & action’, ‘power & control’.

We want struggling readers to get hooked on the stories in the chapter books, without the frustration of reading them. ALL readers learn to love stories by hearing stories. When they listen to a challenging book, you are exposing them to a wealth of new vocabulary particularly if you stop to talk about the meaning of these harder words-regardless of how strong a reader they already are.

Literature is one of the best ways to help students understand something without experiencing it for themselves- books do this with all sorts of subjects and concepts, building our students’ understanding of humanity and the world around them.

We sincerely hope our students enjoy their Friday shared reading experience!

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