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Bullying in Schools Reduced During Covid

Bullying in Schools Reduced During Covid

Helen Mateides
Helen Mateides
Bullying in Schools Reduced During Covid

Early indications are that bullying has dropped during Covid.

Surprising findings have shown that both bullying and cyberbullying dropped dramatically by 30 to 40% during lockdown and school closures. Some evidence indicated that shifting to remote schooling was a key element that drove down the rates of both bullying and cyberbullying. When schools went back, incidences of in person bullying and cyberbullying did not return to pre-pandemic levels.

Why ??

A possible reason is that when students did return to school, there were additional structures in place. Bullying tended to happen during unstructured time, when students were passing in the hallways, at break time or during lunchtime. With COVID precautions, schools had less unstructured time, meaning there may have been fewer opportunities for in-person bullying to occur.

What do these findings mean?

Research on the educational effects of COVID-19 have focused on negative consequences; things like loss of learning time, student achievement, and anxiety. These things are important, but at least some aspects of students’ learning experiences improved; a decrease in bullying.

Here a some more positive stories from from our anti-bullying ambassadors and those students who have been supported by them:


“I was worried that I was going to be bullied in school by the older year groups, like my friend was. I thought no one would listen to me. But I went and spoke to the pastoral managers and they told me that they would help me and that I could go to the anti-bullying ambassadors in LRC4 at lunchtime, to talk to them too”.


“ I was getting pushed by someone in my old school during changing time in PE. Then in lessons I would get my book kicked out of my hand. They would not stop even though the school tried to sort it out. I am so glad that I moved to Bushey Meads. I feel safe here and have made some really good friends”.


“ I was bullied for being different and being called weird. The school helped by everyone having to work together and get to know each other. Then I began to be accepted for who I was”.

Chloe and Ava

“We have loved being anti-bullying ambassadors. We get to help people who are getting bullied or who are upset about something. One of the situations we had was someone who had been upset and trying to hurt themselves because of what was going on in their personal lives. We resolved it by going to see Mrs Mateides. She met up with the student and gave them a chance to talk about what was going on. Now that student is so happy their smile is contagious”.


“I have had the opportunity to see how bullying is dealt with in different countries. Anti-bullying was not a top priority at my old school. Whereas there is a whole community at Bushey Meads and I am so glad to be a part of it. Bullying is given special attention and there are appropriate methods in place to deal with bullying”

Charlie B

“I am so glad that I helped raise money during anti-bullying week for toys for the Watford children’s ward. We raised the funds by selling cakes and sweets.”

And remember if you can be anything be kind

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