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Avid Year 7 Readers

Jeremy Turner
Avid Year 7 Readers

It was so good to supervise one of the weekly reading lessons in the Learning Resource Centre or LRC this week and see so many of our Year 7 students clearly making the most of these lessons, designed to foster and encourage a love of reading and make this a habit for the rest of their lives.

Two students Kian and Karen shared their ‘latest reads’ and provided some context as to why they had chosen the books they had just completed and what they had gained from the experience.
One book was a hard hitting story about a young person who had bravely battled with cancer and all the emotions and feelings that had been part of their emotional journey.

In contrast the other book was about a talented footballer and his journey to success at the highest level in sport.

All the students in the class were engaged and happy to share their lovely well written book reviews – it was delightful to see.

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