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Friday Faculty Focus

Jeremy Turner
Friday Faculty Focus

Developing our students to be independent learners is an ongoing focus at Bushey Meads School and we are constantly sharing best practice and honing our craft in this hugely important area. Last Friday morning our inspirational Head of IT and Computing Mr Besisira led a concise but powerful Friday Faculty Focus based around a colourful visual aid that he personalises to lessons on the Interactive Whiteboard that highlights the planned learning journey for the students in his class.Outlining every step within a scaffolded lesson plan, but presented in a very student friendly way, it encourages students to move through the lesson with greater independence and at their own pace – freeing up the teacher to effectively support with stretch and challenge at every level as required.

Mr Besisra’s lessons are always superbly organised and the progress of learning is effectively monitored to ensure maximum achievement for all; all staff were encouraged to drop in and see this for themselves over the next half term to up-skill their own strategies for developing greater student independence.

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