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4th Drop Everything and Read event with a non-fiction focus

Danielle Bowe
4th Drop Everything and Read event with a...

During today’s 4th Drop Everything And Read event, the whole school had a wider reading non-fiction focus. My year 12 A level English Language and Literature class are studying ‘The Great Gatsby’ so I prepared three different critical journal articles for us to read. One explored ‘Is The Great Gatsby the right title for the novel?’ Another was titled, ‘The Alienated Individual- a theme in American prose texts.’ However, after reading them all, we voted our favourite as ‘The Great Gatsby on Film- Capturing the Mystery, Making the Concrete the Intangible.’

Wider reading, particularly at A level, is a vital part of student study and an important habit to get into right from year 7. It allows students to broaden their thinking, test their own ideas and apply other critical viewpoints to their writing. All essential skills for those top grades.

Happy reading!

Ms. Bowe

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