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100% Attendance for the Year

At Bushey Meads School we recognise that one of the most important keys to success is an outstanding attendance record. Each year we aim to achieve a minimum school attendance figure of 96%. Research shows that the lower the attendance percentage the lower the attainment at GCSE. We might think that 95% attendance is good but if you then equate that to missing 10 days of school in a year or 50 lessons!

Last year 93 students achieved 100% for the entire year – a fantastic achievement! They will all be receiving an R6 (20 reward points) and a certificate to celebrate their attendance.

Our own analysis of GCSE and A level results for the past five years show that the students who make the most progress have an attendance level of at least 96% along with a positive Attitude to Learning.


  • Come to school every day unless you are ill enough to see a Doctor
  • Take all holidays during the published school holiday periods
  • Make routine medical appointments after school or during the holidays
  • Talk to teachers or your parents if you are worried about something
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