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The Verdict- 8s.Hi.1 decide that Charles Stuart is a “Tyrant, Traitor, Murderer and a public enemy”!

Roger Newbold
The Verdict- 8s.Hi.1 decide that Charles...

8s.Hi.1 attempted to bring the past to life in Wednesday’s History lesson by recreating the trial of Charles I in January1649. Although somewhat short of props, students quickly moved the classroom tables and chairs to resemble Westminster Hall where in January 1649 Charles faced his accusers.

Students made powerful speeches both in support and against the charge that Charles I was a traitor and worse. Passions ran high on both sides but speakers were ably kept in order by Mimansa taking on the role of John Bradshaw the “President of the High Court”. Aagarsan, playing Charles I, strongly defended himself but to no avail; the class decided by 16 votes to 13 that he was guilty. Fortunately for Aagarsan we did not re-enact his execution!

Well done to all who took part- there were some fabulous speeches showing a clear grasp of the issues involved!

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