Exciting launch of this year’s CPD programme!

Jeremy Turner
Exciting launch of this year’s CPD...
On Wednesday afternoon all teachers gathered in the Main Hall for the exciting launch of this year’s comprehensive professional development programme at Bushey Meads School which will undoubtedly enable 100% of our teachers to be better by the end of the year and have a continued positive impact on student engagement and achievement across our learning community.
Fusing together the well embedded strands of performance appraisal objectives, BMS teacher development strands, specific identified areas of improvement from our recent GCSE and A level results analysis and our new Teacher Triads initiative, Senior Assistant Headteacher Mr Searle outlined the plan for the year and the afternoon’s well planned activity.

Advanced Lead Teacher Mr Symeou

Lead Practitioner Ms Bowe

Advanced Lead Teacher Mrs Pattni

The Teacher Triad model launched at the event on Wednesday has been widely recognised as a really effective strategy to improve teacher pedagogy and classroom performance through a cycle of joint planning, coaching, reflection and peer observation. Lead Practitioner Ms Bowe and Advanced Lead Teachers Mr Symeou and Mrs Pattni gave some very positive feedback and outlined to staff how their recent trial of the Teacher Triad pilot had gone. All teachers then went off in their own Teacher Triads with a Triad Leader to start an exciting journey which will be revisited at key times throughout the year.
We hope that all students and parents notice and hear about the differences made in lessons as we continue to share and develop the very best practice across our wonderful school.
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