John’s visit

 On the 1st of May, John from Good News for Everyone (formerly known as GideonUK) visited the Year 10 RS class during their lesson to tell us what he does. He serves to introduce everyone to Jesus Christ by placing, presenting and distributing scriptures in many different areas of life. These scriptures are most often New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs – but also complete Bibles. 


 John knows that you cannot debate someone into faith, so instead he focused the visit on the ways Christians work in the community, which is particularly useful due to the fact that we are currently studying this in the unit Christian Practices. We specifically focused on the Alpha course, Street Angels, Street Chaplains and Evangelism. Other listed examples include: Visiting infant and junior schools; Providing coffee and chats to refugees; Helping the Watford New Hope Trust; Helping at the Peace Hospice; Chaplains to Watford businesses and sports teams; Visiting homes to make sure people are well; Helping clubs for dementia sufferers and the elderly and Debt services. 


 John also talked to us about the background of GideonUK and Good News for Everyone. It was founded in 1899 in the USA to encourage businessmen in evangelism and how we can be there for people during the lowest points in their life. We were told that Gideon was an Old Testament character from the book of Judges. God wanted to use Gideon to free the people of Israel from the Midianites. Quite rightly, Gideon felt completely inadequate for this role and conveyed this to the Lord. However, despite his inadequacies, God granted his great and miraculous victories, proving that faith in God can grant a person the ability to do anything, if it is pleasing to God. 


 The characteristics needed to complete this kind of tasks can include loving others, not seeking the limelight, being anchored by Christ’s teaching so we can serve in his strength and being ready, when asked, to share what Jesus has done for us.


 Overall, we found the visit enriching and informative. The only downside we had was that we couldn’t spend longer asking him questions as we had to get to our next lesson. We all got to take away a spreadsheet and 2 Gideon Bibles as a souvenir of the visit.


Written by Charles Pavlou 10B, who was present during the session

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