End of an Era!

Saying a fond farewell to our Year 11 and 13 students before half term, as always, was quite emotional as we once again recognise the new exciting chapters in their lives about to start. Both Year groups have their final Leaver Assemblies and Proms to look forward to and the Year 11s have their exciting taste of Post 16 life with the new ‘Bridging Fortnight’ starting on Monday 28th June, effectively supporting their preparations for further study either within or beyond BMS.

We received so many emails and cards of thanks to individual staff and also the whole school from students and their parents and carers. Here is just one we received:

Dear Mr Turner and Staff,

We cannot believe that our son’s 7 years at Bushey Meads School have come to an end and are writing this farewell email! It is very emotional and brings tears to our eyes to say the least! We would like to thank each and every member of staff who have had some involvement in his education and well being. Together, you have all made an impact and made a real difference to his future. We are sure you will carry on shaping young lives, especially those that need that ‘extra support’. Bushey Meads School has been a safe and nurturing place and will always have a special place in our hearts. An end of an era…..bye bye secondary school … hello next chapter!

Thank you all, best wishes and goodbye… 🙁 xx

Year 13 Parents

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