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Year 12 Food Served at the Spa

Alison Hanbury
Year 12 Food Served at the Spa

The Year 12 Level 3 Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition students completed their 3.5 hour assessed practical on enrichment day in order to complete the unit one internal assessment.

The Brief:

A local spa is undergoing refurbishment and wants to include a fitness and well being theme to encourage clients to reassess their health. The restaurant  is being redesigned to include a new menu with a clear focus on providing nutritious, fresh dishes using seasonal ingredients. You have decided to enter the competition to design the new menu being directly responsible for kitchen hygiene and food quality’

The students have been researching and trialing dishes in the weeks leading up to the assessment. Some even creating the dishes at home to try on the family. I sent an invite to all parents who responded that they would love to be served a beautiful 3 course meal prepared by their son/daughter.

The quality and technical skills shown on the day was phenomenal. There was homemade ravioli using laminated sheets of pasta, baked cod goujons with handmade tartar sauce, ciabatta bruschetta, miniature chicken and broccoli pie with homemade gravy and potato and spinach mash. Caramelised onion and feta roll, baked sea bass that had been descaled and filetted by the student and a few plates of choux buns with various creams and custards to finish.

C11x was set up as a restaurant, the tables were laid and parents and siblings arrived to sample the extensive, brilliant menu. I am so proud of the Year 12’s for the effort put in and going the extra mile in using fantastic presentation techniques.

The parents commented that it was a lovely experience and were so happy to be invited into school to taste the food prepared and be served by their own children.

Students participating were Dena Nunes, Adam Dalby, Jakub Skrzypulec  Amanda Ahangama and Tristian Blomfield

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