GCSE Geographers exploring regeneration and recreation in Oxford

Sarah Dunsby
GCSE Geographers exploring regeneration and...

As part of the GCSE Geography course, students are required to undertake two field work investigations away from the school site. Following on from our trip to Weymouth last year, we had another resounding success in Oxford on Wednesday 16th January.

Students were split into three groups and rotated around 3 different activities. These included, the geography investigation, in the Oxford Castle Quarter, an area which has been regenerated and is now filled with eateries, a library and a hotel in a beautiful setting. Students interviewed locals and visitors, they put together a land use map, took photos and carried out business questionnaires.

Another activity was a tour of the haunted Oxford Castle, a spooky and interesting experience for all. Thirdly, students took part in a changing places workshop where they looked into how Oxford has changed over time. Not only was this interesting but also incredibly useful to explore as one of their main case studies. They asked fantastic questions and really delved into the history, architecture and significance the city provided.

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