The Learning Resource Centre

Gary Back
The Learning Resource Centre

As the LRC Manager here at Bushey Meads School I’m very fortunate to be supported by an excellent team of LRC Assistants, 15 in total.

Every LRC Assistant has a designated duty timeslot each week covering Breakfast club, break and lunchtimes. All my LRC Assistants are trained to use the LRC book loans computer software, regularly issuing and returning books and perform an excellent daily task of shelving our wonderful books once returned.

Three Librarians, Owen, Nathan and Ellis run the LRC stationery shop each lunchtime where a number of useful school resources can be purchased.

The LRC is used extensively each and every day opening up early in the mornings for Breakfast club at 8am. We are open again at break and lunchtimes and after school for the Homework club until 4.20pm Monday to Thursday and until 3.50pm on Friday’s.

With over 5000 fiction and reference books, 50 computers, chrome books, printers, kindles, academic journals, and a huge range off past exam papers the LRC is fully equipped to support each and every pupil on their educational journey from year 7 to year 13.

Mr. Back – LRC Manager

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