Student of the Week – Issue 33

Kashan Malik
Student of the Week – Issue 33
Key Stage 3

Jack 8 Beech – Jack has had an excellent first term this year, receiving nearly 200 reward points for a variety of reasons.  All of Jack’s ATL scores are 6 or 7 and he has excellent attendance. We are very proud of the progress Jack has made, he is a delight to teach and a credit to the school and his family! Keep up the great work!


Key Stage 4

Owen 10 Ash – Owen is a consistently hard working, diligent and conscientious student.  Owen has excellent ATL scores in his most recent assessment and 100% attendance. Owen also contributes to the school community through his student leadership roles and supporting the LRC.  Well done Owen, keep up the great work!


Key Stage 5

Zahra 13 Beech – Huge congratulations to Zahra for receiving an unconditional offer at the University of Southampton.

Zahra’s hard work and determination have paid off and is now looking forward to the next chapter and future studies.

Well done!

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